Thursday, October 08, 2009


Goals are a funny thing.  When you hit them, they're incredibly energizing and motivate you to set bigger and better goals.  When you're half way there, they keep pushing you towards the finish line. 

The problem is that when you don't hit them, they're incredibly defeating.  They sometimes make you want to quit and jump into the "why bother?" camp. (that camp sucks - horrible food and they always get beat in the annaul tug of war by Camp Michawewanna)

I'm sort of mid-goal for the month.  So far, so so...  My problem is I'm starting to micro-goal set.  I'm tracking dailly progress instead of weekly progress and it's too subjective.  There are too many daily factors that fluctuate enough to throw off results... 

Today just wasn't so motivating and I'm starting to think through big changes.  Changes unwarranted by my monthly or yearly goals...but based on the emotions of the day.  Stupid emotions.

So today I'm sticking to the plan.  I'm doing my work and cranking it out, all the pursuit of something more....something bigger.
Tomorrow I might quit, but today I'm going to work on my tug of war skills and short sheet those jerks at Camp M.

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  1. Short shorts and long hair. Now that's a goal.

    (Never read a word)