Monday, October 26, 2009


There are certain things that just aren't going to change much or get much better.
-sneezing technique
 (insert record screeching to a halt sound here...)
Wait a of these things has officially changed.  No longer will your hand be encased in flem.  This is now a thing of the past.  From now on you can give a full hearty sneeze and shake someone's hand two seconds later.

We now live in the age of the elbow sneeze.  Almost overnight we went from little kids being taught to cover their mouths when they sneeze - to now they let loose right there in the arm bend without thinking about it.  I live with a three year old that doesn't think twice about it.  You should see her sleeves.
I've been impressed by the number of adults who have so quickly caught on.  Normally there is a bit of a gap...How many of us have talked to some older, wiser, grand-parental soul that refuses to use one of those "fancy electric typewriters or machines that answer your phone"?  Normally I see more of a gap between old and new technology... the early and late adopters.
Not so with the elbow sneeze.  It's as if someone snapped their fingers and all of a sudden our elbows are 40% nastier.
This opens up an entirely new opportunity for someone who can engineer some sort of sleeve hankie.  I'm just saying, it's out go grab that market.


  1. all of a sudden my elbow patches seem justified

  2. oh my brother in law told me about the elbow thing this weekend. clearly, i've not been watching the news much. i thought he was wrong. and i told him so. emphatically. but clearly, he was right. which is as upsetting to me as having to relearn how to sneeze.

  3. This post pretty much changed my life, by the way.