Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Task Force Five

I'm on a task force.  It doesn't necessarily matter what the task force is tasked with...this is more about the fact that I'm a part of a force.

I've had lots of tasks.  In fact, I have tasks every day...ho hum, what else you got mister?  Well, we are putting together this task force...  I've never been a part of a force!

I have so many questions:
1.  Do we get uni's?
2.  Will I be issued some sort of badge or laminate?
3.  At any point will we team up with another task force and create a joint task force?
4.  Will there be a blood test?  How about spelling?
5.  Is it possible that we could limit our force to five? (task force five sounds better than task force six, right?)
6.  We don't actually do any work do we?
7.  Is there a sponsor?  And if not, might I suggest chalk?  When was the last time you saw a good chalk commercial?

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