Wednesday, May 06, 2009

a real personality

I've taken the Myers-Briggs & stratton test - the DiSC personality test - the Achiever - the Temperment study -  the Discover your Strengths study - the Asses me.

Basically I've been checked out.  I have no idea what I am.  E something...D something?  I'm an Elk...or some sort of woodland creature maybe?
I've decided to asses myself.  It's based on a few questions if you'd like to take the test.

1.  Which Friend are you? (Joey, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe or Gunther)

2.  If you see Hitler at the bottom of a well, do yo:
     a.  drop a soy latte on him
     b.  sing a lullabye to him
     c.  ask him, "what's with the 'stache?"
     d. jump down and punch him in the larnyx

3.  Which link on the right will you go to next?

4.  Better movie:  When Harry Met Sally or Pulp Fiction?

5.  Better letter when silent - K or P?

6.  When you see a commercial bragging about the 3G network, do you have any idea what they're really talking about?

7.  When you hear about the Great Lakes do you ever think, "They're not so great"?

8.  How many products do you own that could best be described  "As seen on TV"?

9.  Pancakes or Waffles?

If you could just answer those 9 questions, I'll have the results to you shortly.


  1. Shouldn't there be ten questions?

  2. Aunt Peg8:06 AM

    1. least her singing
    2. D...or all of the above
    3. Whomever has posted recently between MY POINT IS and REBEL PILGRIM
    4. Harry met shop scene
    5. K, for sure...
    6. NAY
    7. Great lakes are mediocre, at best
    8. I just spent 45 minutes counting the crap I've bought - 23!
    9. French toast

  3. 1. Really? Could I BE more Chandler?
    2. Larnyx punch AND make him eat matzo balls.
    3. The Clustre Map
    4. Neither do much for me. I'll read the book(s).
    5. P! Come on; pneumonia? Price Pfister?
    6. No idea. But this OG wants all the G's he can get.
    7. Only when Tim the Toolman tries to entice me with his Michiganese.
    8. One? The only thing I can think of is those little couch slide deals. I always wonder where they are when I'm moving my couch to sweep or trying to get blood out of the carpet.
    9. Waffles.

  4. Julee,
    You asking that question helps me with the evaluation. It's interesting that you feel a need for even numbering. It looks like someone is a...well, I don't want to give it away so soon. Let me tabulate your overall score.

    "I'll have what she's having" is one of the all time great lines. I'll have your results back soon.

  5. Chris,
    We must have been commenting at the same time. That says something, right?
    I hope this doesn't throw off the evaluation.

  6. Hey - why are you picking on the Great Lakes. I live surrounded by 3 of them and let me tell you, they are definitely *GREAT* (if you don't listen to the reports of the falling water levels and toxic fish living in them)

  7. Kristi10:42 PM

    Not sure about these other things, but you're ENTJ - just a guess.