Thursday, May 07, 2009

baseball season

One of the all time great moments for me as a dad/t-ball coach was watching the little league baseball parade two years ago.  Basically the kids ride on the back of pickup trucks and throw candy and wave to the fans.
Here's the problem - they drive through a few neighborhoods that are definitely not lined with fans.  All the parents go to the end of the parade route to watch their kids, so mostly the players wave at empty houses.
I wrote about this two years ago, but I missed the parade last year and was reminded of how things played out this year. 

At some point in the parade route I saw a lady go out to get her mail.  The guys in my truck saw her as someone who needed some of their parade throwing candy...and they'd been practicing throwing all year.  So you do the math.

If you've seen the opening scene to Saving Private Ryan, you'll know a bit of what this lady went through.  It was tragic/awesome/hillarious all at the same time.
Three seasons in a row Aidan & Griffin have played on the same team and it's a pleasure to watch.


  1. And there are those who complain about how dangerous it is to live down in the city...

    (Before anyone starts a flame war, that was said tongue in cheek)

  2. Homeboy's got a killer change-up.

  3. you should see his knuckle-curve

  4. Auntie Peg11:13 AM

    Nice video! That's a keeper. I only have stick man drawings of you picking dandelions in right field when you were Grif's age...