Friday, May 22, 2009

Post Not So Secret

There are a handful of online confessionals out there on the interweb. Post Secret is probably the most least until TODAY.

I'm going to get the party started by doing a not so secret confessional. I'm going to fess up to some of my most heinous crimes against myself, my family and humanity as a whole.

So here goes:

-I often will jay walk just because I can. Oh yeah, it's true.

-even though I've never voted for an American Idol, I still feel like I can complain when they don't do their jobs.

-more times than not I'll take a sip of a fountain drink- refill it - and then go to the counter to pay for it.

-I'm a man who stops and asks for directions. I ignore them, but I'll stop and ask'em

-when no one is looking, I hyperventilate and dream of people looking at me while I breathe normally

-Late at night I sneak out and stick half oreos on Fuller's windows

-I think OJ Simpson is one of the top 7 running backs of all time.

-I'm not afraid to insert a Q Tip directly into my ear.

This feels so great!  I'm alive!  I have no secrets!  You should really give this a try...

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