Tuesday, May 19, 2009

no news is good news?

News seems like a lazy word.  At some point someone said, "Hey, what's new fella?" and the aforementioned fella answered, "oh, you mean the news" 
First guy:  News?
Fella:  Sure, I've taken the word "new" and added an "s" to it.  I've pluralized the word new to news.  It's what's new....s...
First guy:  Like that'll ever catch on.  That's just stupid, or should I say stupids.
And somehow the plural version of new became the word we use to convey what's happening that's new.
Having said that - here's some news for you...
-I still am really bad at golf
-I'm undefeated in the 2000's in thumb wrestling, but Annie and I have lost twice at euchre
-I've seen less movies in the past three years than my older brother saw last week
-Bragg still less hair than me, but I'm catching up
-My silent partnership has been more silent than normal due to the economy.  It is because of the economy, right?
-A genuine excited smile from Cooper is still worth more to me than $732
-If you don't think Brad has the best pump fake on the Vineyard 30 and over football team, well we're going to have to fight mister
-Annie is undefeated at pop-a-shot in the past three years
-Annie has played Alton in pop-a-shot at least three times in the past three years
-If you'd like to invest in a local independant film, I know a guy
-if you count sheep, you're exercising both sides of your brain...and that'll make you drowsy....I know stuff...

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  1. Aren't you also undefeated in euchre for the last decade...oh, wait...