Monday, May 04, 2009

Investigative Journalism

I understand why I would get so many letters from lawyers in Nigeria asking me for my bank account.  Once I did it the first time, I think a lot of the local attorneys figured out that I was a reliable guy that was willing to hold their client's money here in America.  You build a good reputation and there's no better marketing than word of mouth.
Here is where I'm a little confused though.  Why am I starting to get so many e-mails about becoming a CSI investigator?  First of all, they're asking me to be a Crime Scene Investigator Investigator.  That just seems redundant.  That's not even my primary concern though.

How did they pick me?  I don't even watch the show.  I rarely stick around the scene of a crime, so I can't think they're picking me based on past experience.  I'm also wondering what's in it for them?  Do they really want to start getting investigators based on mass e-mail searches?
Oh sure they'll get someone responding to the normal stuff - but is this a common urge that people have?  Is there that big of a percentage of our population yearning to investigate crime scenes?
Ultimately I could see maybe doing this,  but for a guy like me who is about to get a huge bankroll out of's just not that appealing.

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