Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Great Idea below

You want to raise a bunch of money?
Maybe you're going to Nigeria to drill wells and you'd like some support.  Maybe you're trying to fund a shelter or food pantry.  It doesn't matter - this idea is liquid gold and all you have to do is find a ladel to scoop it up.

Put together a Non Walk-A-Thon.

That's right, it's just what it sounds like.  You're going to put together a Non-Walk-A-Thon for folks to not walk in.

-You don't have to get the city to close off any roads
-You don't have to bring in an ambulance
-You don't have to line the streets with people trashing the roads with used paper cups
-You don't have to get up at the crack of dawn
-You can raise a silly amount of money


Here's what you do.  You do exactly the same stuff you do when putting together the normal Walk-A-Thon.  You get sponsors & walkers (this is where you get all of your money).  and that's where it stops.  You don't have to worry about putting together a route sheet or figuring out parking.  You just watch the money come in.
Keep in mind that there is no real monetary value to the actual walking in a walk-a-thon.  In fact...there is a cost associated with the walking.  There is no cost associated with not walking.

If people want the t-shirt, sell them the t-shirt.  "I didn't walk at the Charity Non-Walk-A-Thon"  That's actually a more interesting t-shirt you've got there.

This is win-win.

Now go out and don't walk.


  1. where was this sort of genius in Pennsylvania??

  2. There was a comedian with a great joke about can tops.......something like......I will give you a million dollars but in return I need I million can was funny then. Made me think of it