Monday, May 18, 2009

it starts at home

I'm suffering for the greater good today.  I'll be eating lunch, playing 18 holes at a local country club...and then eating dinner with some friends at a Young Life golf outing soon.  Oh sure they'll give me some sort of gift bag...there'll be people driving around the course with golf carts full of drinks and candy bars...and at some point we'll be given prizes.
But it's all about the charity.  Think of the children.
I play golf once a year typically.  Today is that once.  I'm actually not that into it and normally get bored about six or seven holes (or 56 swings).  I like this golf outing because I always share a cart with the director of the YL area and I'd much rather drive around and hang out with him than shank balls into the lake.
I think their ministry in Northern Kentucky is amazing.  You just don't find many people who are willing to step away from their comfort zone and go to where the kids are - they do that and it's an honor to support them.
Speaking of long walks - our small group is taking a hike this Memorial day to support the Healing Center.  For every walker who signs up, the Free Store Food Bank is donating 140 pounds of food.  That's a lot of cabbage...or bread...or ring dings...I actually don't know what food will be's not really the point.  If you'd like to join us, we had a blast last year...and you can know...this year.

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