Friday, May 15, 2009

My Self Worth

I ran across a site that sort of intrigued I hopped right in.  (Coincedentally, this is how I funded my retirement through a rich lawyer in Nigeria and started selling Amway)

The site is Google's site ranker.  You throw your site up there and they spit out a number.  Turns out I'm a 4.  That's 4 out of 10.  I wasn't sure if Google graded on a curve, so I checked out a few sites I enjoy.  Seth's weblog is a 7.  It's also great, so you should check it out.
Google ranked Google a 10 out of 10.  I'd understand it if Google's mom ranked it a 10, but Google?  Come gotta at least knock one point off to come off a little unbiased.
Ultimately I'm not sure how great this ranker is, it gave a 5. 
Silly Google.


  1. Im a 2. I would have rather been a one. A 2 makes me look like I put effort into it. A one is the sorority girl who starts every post with....."hey guys, sorry I havent posted in awhile, Im back on horse now though......"

  2. you're at least a 9 in my book