Friday, May 08, 2009


I've installed five toilets in my life.  I'm 4 for 5 so far.
For some reason I couldn't install what I call our golfball toilet.  This is a toilet that is so incredibly powerful that you could flush 24 golfballs down it.  It says so right on the box.
First question:  Why are you flushing golf balls down your toilet mr. box?  Didn't you know that there's a decent side business in selling used golfballs?  Maybe these aren't even used golfballs.  Maybe you were just so excited that your toilet would flush incredible amounts of objects down the drain that you just started throwing stuff in there.  A couple of marbles.  A few dozen marbles!  ":Hey Steve, you've got to see this!  I'll bet I could even put a golf ball in this thing!"  Fast forward twenty minutes.  "I think I could put 23 in there!  Let's try 24!  Let's put in 25!  Crap....I guess 24 is the maximum number of golf balls that anyone can flush down there..."
So I've installed four toilets with no problems.  Then I install the super one and it I reinstall it...and it releaks...and I tried two more times...same thing.  Finally I brought in a pro.  He used all sorts of adhesive that made me think I'll never get rid of this thing, but it didn't leak.

Until this morning.


  1. You have an open couch or two on any given weekend this summer?

  2. just name the dates and we'll hook you up with a sweet skateboard room and a couple of bunk beds

  3. Love the story! keep on writing!