Thursday, February 05, 2009


My old friend and mentor came by the Vineyard last night to teach a class.
I know this guy is great.  Annie knows this guy is great.  Not many other people around here know he's great...yet.

I was dying to hear him, but I was also a part of our Alpha class.  Sadly I missed it.  My friend Chuck did not.

He came to me after the class almost glowing.  He said that my friend was great (that makes three of us now).  He went on and on about how engaging, smart and motivational the class was.  At one point he said, "we need to figure out how to get this guy teaching more classes around here"

Cut to this morning.

I talked with my friend who started off apologizing for how bad the class went.  He wanted me to apologize for him to Chuck.  He felt like it wasns't interesting, engaging or very effective...and he was wrong.

This guy was born to teach and to lead.  He's the single best motivator/teacher/leader I've ever been around.  He was in his sweet spot, and I wish I had a chance to see him.  For him it wasn't very good, but for the folks sitting in his room - it was great.

It's good when people are working in their strengths - so what are your strengths?


  1. Loyal Aunt Peg11:21 AM

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    There are two categories that you will want to pay particular attention to:
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    (I hope this gets me better seating at the next Improv. performance) :-)

  2. The Quarterback Brad Johnson is an old friend?

  3. Sean,

    I didn't speak at the Vineyard last night.