Tuesday, February 03, 2009

step away from the trunk

A friend of mine often talks about his struggle to step away from the trunk and crawl out to where the "fruit" hangs out.

Swinging for the fences - stepping out in faith - grip & rip - risking it all...

There's something both exciting and rare about someone who goes for it.

It almost doesn't matter what "it" is.   It's awe inspiring to see someone step out and face failure/ridicule/danger.

I honestly don't know anyone who cares enough about the environment or going green to really go for it.  I thought I did until I got the Green channel.  It showed up for free for a month and I liked watching the show with Ed Begley, Jr.  He would often meet with people and help them to make their house more efficient.  Often times he'd meet with a couple that felt like they were doing their part...only to find out that they were using more energy than "their share".  They had their recycling bucket...and maybe some of those funny looking bulbs...but apparently that just doesn't really cut it.   In a world where doing a little makes you stand out, it was interesting to see a show about this guy who really did care enough to change his entire lifestyle...because he was willing to make more than the typical plastic bucket in his kitchen kind of change.

I know some folks that care about injustice around the world, but I can only name one that's picked up and moved across the planet to do something about it.  It's hard.  It's a commitment.  It's beyond the norm.

It's easy to "care" about the environment or injustice - it's an entirely different thing to adjust your life around pro-actively seeking out significant change.

Which leads to the question - what is significant?  At what point am I doing more than writing/talking/meeting about something - and stepping into actual change?

At what point to I gain credibility?

Can I talk about simplicity when I have a tv bigger than 27 inches?

Can I wear the cause t-shirt or bracelet if I've never really done anything more than buy a t-shirt or bracelet?

I'm not sure...I'm just sort of wondering...or is it wandering?

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  1. sean, this is exactly what i'm struggling with right now. i want to do something that makes a difference, something that matters for eternity, something Jesus can be proud of. (and i know, He's already proud of me beyond words, blah, blah, blah... but you know what i mean.) whatever it is, whenever it comes, i want to be ready.