Monday, February 09, 2009


I think it's time Samberg and The Lonely Island guys got their own show.  Maybe it'd not be as great as the weekly digital shorts, but that's what they said about moving the 4 minute Simpsons shorts from the Tracy Ulman show to a full thirty minute show.

Kristin Wiig is without question the star of this cast.  A friend of mine said that she always plays the same character.  I should say a silly friend of mine said that.  Name one actor who has played as many memorable original characters as her, and can also do spot on impersonations.  If you say Darrel Hammond, I'll drive to your house and punch you in the larnyx. 

I've got to admit that Kenan Thompson has stepped it up a notch this year.  He's consistently caused me to ask the question, "How is he on this show?" which is several spots past me just throwing furniture and headbutting my toaster oven.  I guess that's better?

I thinki Seth Myers is peaking.  He went from uncomfortable to comfortable to good...and I think he's getting better.  He pulled off "Really?" this week solo.  That counts for something.

I miss Chris Parnell - I think he was the underrated everyman. 

Watching Steve Martin try to do sketch comedy again made me a little sad.  It's sort of like watching Robin Williams try to go crazy or be funny on a talk show like in the good old days...only with out the coke...or the material. 

I'm wondering if they've stopped trying on their cold openings.  I've heard they just throw those and the walk ons for new update together at the last minute.  They'll actually start with thirty or forty sketches and work their way down to just a few...and then throw together something to start the show.  Seems odd. 

If they did an entire show dedicated to two A Holes, I'd be ok with that.  I'd kind of like to follow those two around some day and just enjoy the show wherever they go.

I'm not sure why, I just feel like I should think about Saturday Night Live every once in a while.  It keeps me in touch with the people.

I'm on a boat...


  1. I agree that Seth's "Really" was pretty decent, but it would have been better with two people. And only the fact that he had great material made it workable.

    I mean, seriously, if you're partying with M. Phelps and you pull out a camera to sell to a tabloid...

  2. Brave Aunt Peg9:04 AM

    Darrel Hammond.

    I'll be waiting in my driveway, dressed in a nun's habit with four body guards and my dog, Squeeky at the ready...just TRY to complete a throat chop, mister.

  3. In my opinion, this last week's episode was the worst this season. I love the Today sketches. Update was pretty good mainly, and I never thought I'd say this, because of Kenan's James Harrison (although he did look uncannily like "Charles Barkley") and the Really?! bit. Other than that, I thought it was weak. You woulda thought that Bradley Cooper would've learned the word 'subtle' at the Actor's Studio.

  4. was the steve martin banjo playing for real or a joke? in the words of keenan doing frank caliendo doing charles barkley, "steve martin was turrrrrrible."

    but T. Pain singing about how he'd never dreamed of being on a boat....that's diamond-coated money.

  5. I had grown somewhat disinterested in SNL for a while, until I saw Kristen Wiig in a sketch about a year ago. I watched her in a scene online and told Jenny, "there's something special about this chick." I don't think Jen totally agrees, but most SNL fans do. Her Kathy Lee this week made me smile.


    I can't decide if it's awesome or awful.