Wednesday, February 04, 2009


"should I go to the bathroom real quick before I leave?"

This was the question I asked myself before I left work last night.

"no" was my answer...

"Are you sure?"  I quickly countered.

"yup - and quit bugging me" was the beginning of a long awkward ride home with myself.

Two hours and fifteen minutes later I pulled into my freshly shoveled driveway.  That was about two hours and one minute longer than normal...

There are two things you can take from this tale:
1.  I really had to go #1 when I got home
2.  Annie is the greatest wife on this, or any other, planet


  1. Did you pee on your forehead?

  2. huh?
    I'm too dumb to get that one...

  3. Aunt Peg8:57 AM

    Wow...all of this post kinda makes me feel the very least, carry a Pith Helmet, Sean!

  4. always, always, ALWAYS go before you leave! i learned that the hard way.
    same conversation happened with me. i'll just go when i get there, i thought. well, it was rainy, and we had a little wreck. nothing major, but my neck really felt whip-lashed. the ambulance people slapped a neck brace on me, strapped me to a stretched and wouldn't let me get up. x-rays, questions, etc .etc. needless to say, all i could think of was the fact that i needed to GO, and they wouldn't let me! augh!! two hours later, i'm finally relieved of my misery! no broken bones or anything to boot. yay! moral of the story: go!
    also, you do have the most amazing wife ever! congratulations! :-)