Tuesday, February 17, 2009

switching teams

I think I'm a day or two away from switching the 'ol weblog address.  A few years ago my boss showed me this thing he called Blog.  I went home and started one up with the intent of getting more "hits" than him.  That was 100% of my motivation.
It's one of the few things I've done with this sort of consistancy for this long. 

I have been ylcentreco.blogspot for this long because I was the Director of Young Life in Centre County when I cranked it up.  I recently spoke with the Director of YL in Centre Co and he told me that he once created a therealylcentreco.blogspot account.  He doesn't really care that I have the ylcentreco address, he just thought it was funny.  It is odd that I live in Cincinnati, do not direct Young Life and I type something up daily in it's name...sort of...
It doesn't really fit, and I'm thinking I'll switch it up soon.

A couple of possibilities:

1.  SJFuller.blogspot
2.  arebelpilgrim.blogspot
3.  yldetroit.blogspot
4.  saget.wordpress
5.  utube.blogspot
6.  blogspot.blogspot
still thinking...


  1. Get ready for a lawsuit, buddy. My girlfriend is a lawyer.

  2. heytherefella.blogspot

  3. that's not bad Dan
    Fuller, can you get your girlfriend to do my taxes?

  4. move to wordpress!

    theoriginal.wordpress is my vote