Monday, February 23, 2009

my speech

Since I didn't win last night, I thought I'd go ahead and record my unspoken acceptance speech here.

I'd like to first of all thank my mom, for whom I would not be here.  I'd also like to thank the guy that drove me here, for the exact same reason.  Wow, this thing really is heavy.  OK, I know I only have forty five seconds, so...I'd like to thank my beautiful wife, my kids, my agent, my life coach, Sags, all the wonderful people of Worthington, Ohio (Home of the Cardinals) and let's not forget the little people:
Herve Villachez - Mary Lou Retton - Cooper

This award means a lot.  Some people say that art has nothing to do with competitions and voting - that this should be a celebration of the arts, not a contest - well I'm here to tell you that they're just saying that because they weren't even nominated.  I was honored just to be nominated among these truly gifted performers, and Jack, and I'll cherish this always.

Oh, they're playing the music.  Let's all sing along...


  1. Are you thanking Sags AND your life coach? Or are you saying that Sags IS your life coach?

  2. Um, you didn't thank the Academy. Guess what happens when you don't thank the Academy?? That's right Sean, one and done. You'll never work in this town again!