Thursday, February 12, 2009

Goodbye dear friend...

I had just bought eight mustards.  Oh sure that seems like a lot, but mustard lasts forever.  We also use mustard on the sandwiches that we take downtown on Saturdays.  I should also mention that mustard makes many a sandwich go from dry to delicious as if they contained some magical potion.

They cost $1.09 each.  I had a handful of 50 cent coupons.  I took them to Meijer where they promptly doubled them and charged me 9 cents per bottle.  I spent 72 cents on those eight bottles and walked away with four coupons for one dollar off my next purchase (you get one for every two bottles of mustard you buy) and a song in my heart.

Oh sure there were some other bargains I picked up that day...but soon the day would turn ugly.  The dark foreboding clouds loomed over our vehicle like Perez Hilton on a red carpet.  Something was amiss.

As I was loading my many bags of groceries while making sure my two and three year old bundles of joy weren't getting run over in the parking lot, I placed my coupon binder on top of the miniature van.

You probably see where this is going...

So today I begin anew.  I will seek out a new system.  I will build a binder that would scoff at my old binder, left somewhere on the side of a highway...hopefully into the arms of someone who will appreciate him more.

Goodbye old faithful friend - you've saved me hundreds and hundreds of dollars...but you're so much more than that....  I will make binder 2.0 and she will be bigger, faster, stronger....and probably neon.  You ever try to find a brown binder on the side of the highway?


  1. I did this once. And the coupon holder was full of coupons for FREE packages of pampers from doing diapers trials. I lost almost $100!!!

  2. There is a guy at Trader's World who sets up in the middle of the first isle that sells his homemade mustards. He has l2 or so different variations, and you can sample all of them. His name is Carl. My mouth is watering just typing this. I gotta get up there and re-stock.

  3. Aunt Peg9:01 AM

    Ah, now it makes sense that my birthday package included four different mustards.

  4. You can't spell mustard without "tard."

  5. how do you do it, sean?

  6. do this amazing blog?
    keep up with my awesome kids?
    get cheap mustard?
    hang out with Fuller?
    which one?

  7. I think she is referring to your hatred for poor people. How do you hate them so much?