Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Checking my ego out

I was reading a book last night that mentioned an "ego wall".  It was a term that I hadn't heard in a long time.  You often hear about a doctor's ego wall, but I've never been in my doctor's office.  We sit around the waiting room reading about the Red Sox finally winning a World Series, and then we go into a room with a sink and a paper covered table.

I'm not sure I've ever been in a lawyers office and I haven't seen a plaque, award, diploma or blue ribbon hanging from any of the offices around here.

I used to have an ego car.  The grappler.  I'd take my wrestling trophies apart and mount the wrestler in place of my hood ornament. (remember those?)  The strange thing about having a wrestler as a hood ornament is how often people would steal them.  You'd think you'd steall the hood ornament from the guy with the I brake for volleyball bumper sticker.

Now I'm thinking of putting a humility wall together.  I'm thinking of finding my old Spanish grades and Jr. High pictures and hanging them up...to keep me grounded.  Maybe I can just have my bank account open on the wall with a running tally.

I just need to move my Sags stuff off the wall and make room for a few things that aren't awesome.


  1. I still don't have my diplomas/license on the wall of my office...and my firm pays for framing! I'm pretty sure I'm the only attorney in my office without them.

  2. Three things:

    One, they have done studies in doctor's offices that show patients are more relaxed and confident when their doctor has degrees hanging on the wall. Especially when those degrees are from places like Harvard or the University of Cincinnati.

    Two, if someone works really hard for a degree, I think it is legit to put the diploma on the wall. They hand out law degrees to anyone, but I busted my arse for my graduate degree. I was proud to earn it.

    Three, Gyros.