Friday, February 13, 2009

thoughts along the way

-I'm spending a few minutes today thinking about the difference between a freak boating accident and a boating accident.  Seems like a good enough day to finally do it.

For me it probably comes down to a bumping, cracking and/or rusting issue.  If your accident involves a bump from another boat or even an encounter with a rock or dock - that's probably a boating accident.  If it slowly leaks and sinks below, that's just sort of sad.

Now I'm not sure what has to happen to have that escalate into a freak boating accident.  This is what I'm hoping to have figured out before I go to bed tonight.

-Have you ever heard someone refered to as a female nurse?  What's that all about?

-For my money, Juaquin Phoenix was on something and really is an odd duck.  I'm just not sure he's putting on a show.

-I saw Chris Day speak to a group of people this week.  He's good at that.  You should watch him speak at you some day.

-I'm a little worried that we're putting money in to do ham research in our economic stimulus package.  Obviously that's going to help the economy, but it's just not kosher.

-See what I did?

-Turns out that St. Valentine was twice called in for domestic violence.  I personally feel like that should be addressed at some point tomorrow.

-If loving Leverage is wrong, well then I don't wanna be right.


  1. JP is definitely putting on a show, IMHO. I think I heard that he had hired a cameraman to document this and is making a "Christopher Guest-like" movie on his rise to popularity on the hiphop scene. It's all sorta Kaufmanesque... and oddly fascinating.

  2. how about a rowboat that drifts alongside a larger vessel near the shoreline. said vessel drops its large anchor mistakenly onto one side of rowboat, causing it to catapult rowboat's three occupants skyward into the top of a nearby tree, leaving them dangling by their lifejackets from a branch 30 feet off the ground. would that be considered a 'freak' boating accident ?

  3. I think that'd qualify...