Friday, August 29, 2008

Week o'me

So this morning I'm off to the High School - again.  This is day four of Murphapalooza.  They're calling it something else, but that's how I think of it.

I was asked to come and speak at a high school for a week.  Every day.  For a week.  That's a lot of me.  I like me and I'm not sure I'd show up today.

I've decided that I can't really break out my Mork & Mindy or A Team references any more.  But who doesn't still love Batman?

One thing I know is that I don't like to speak from notes.  It's just not my thing. (side note: this is why you should never ask me to do your wedding)  It's hard to go without notes for several days in a row with new stuff. The problem is that I'm speaking for 45-50 minutes each day.  I'd personally rather go about 20-25, but they've got those darn bells that they have to live by.  If I stop short, then they're playing heads up seven up for 20 minutes.  That doesn't really fly with the 12th graders the way it did at Wilson Hill Elementary School.

So I've spoken for roughly 2 1/2 hours so far...and I'm going to crank out another 45 or so this should be interesting.

And what I mean is that it should be interesting, I'm just not sure it will be.


  1. It's probably too late for this piece of advice.

  2. You could always do a couple of minutes doing the "dancing fork behind the cloth napkin" trick...