Wednesday, August 13, 2008

is this funny?

Young Brad (he of the capri pants and cool wife) and I were talking about what to do to bring out the 'ol creative juices for a thing last week.  In the midst of bouncing ideas around the room, I thought of this little gem.

Sadly I can't link that little gem because I deleted it.  I'll have to describe it for you.

First you need to take a look at this.

I thought it'd be funny to create a blog that nobody would ever actually read, but we'd show to the crowd.  The title of the blog was "What Dave Should Have Said".  We were going to photoshop his blog and just change the title, but it was actually quicker to create an actual blog.  It's just that easy.  So I copied this picture and created a fake post...and wa la...faux blog.

We didn't end up using it, but I still like the idea.  If you don't know Dave, he's one of the Pastors over at the Vineyard Community Church in beautiful downtown Springdale.  He wrote a clever blog entitled "What I meant to say" and it's a creative way to go into greater detail to make points that time wouldn't allow for on his weekend sermon.  It also gives people a forum to ask questions or comment on the topic.  It's really win win...except sometimes the comments get a little silly.

I personally think he would have laughed at the fake blog. He doesn't take himself too seriously and what's not funny about a mock blog?

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  1. Or how about you take Dave's blog, but make it a Mad-Lib. That would have been fun as well!