Wednesday, August 06, 2008

"this guy is great" - Mike

We could all use a publicist.  It'd be nice to have someone take your really tough phone calls and to have someone brag for you.  It's awkward to mention casually, "so yeah, I was getting my award for being the employee of the month when Steve mentioned that I probably should just go ahead and get my employee of the year plaque now..."  What if you had an agent that stopped by your house when you had the poker game going? 

"This is Mike, he's a friend of mine...just happened by.  So, Mike....what's new?"  "Oh wow, I just wanted to congratulate you Sean."  (others take notice)  "Congratulate you for what Sean?" says Brad.  "Oh, it's nothing really"  "Don't let him get away with it Brad, Sean was just given the employee of the month prize and is a lock to get employee of the year.  He's the greatest!"
It just makes sense.  Think about that one.
I think first in line for the non-traditional publicists should be the killer whales.  Not a bad name if you're in a metal band, but it's just not doing much for your image to be seen as a bunch of killers.  Maybe start pushing the name Orca again.  See if that one flies.  If you're born into an Orca family and have never actually murdered anyone, I think it's probably unfair to just lump you in with a few violent relatives who fly off the handle from time to time.  Let's give that little fella a chance.
Maybe he's an angry whale or even a disrespectful whale...but killer?  Come on...that's just harsh.

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