Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lunchtime bloggin’

Slept on the couch last night. Parker was up a bunch and we couldn’t figure out how to get her to go back to sleep. It’s been a pattern for the last couple of weeks. I usually sleep through the whole thing. Last night I couldn’t. I had a small glimpse into what Annie goes through every night while I dream of butterflies and the Comedy Central Roast of Mr. Bob Saget.

So I didn’t get out of couch until 7:45 and was running late to work. Typically I jot down a quick little post while breakfast is cooking.

Today you get a post from my desk during lunch.

So here goes.
I’m going to blog. This is my weblog thought for the day:

ok, I um…don’t really have a thought for the day….more of a suggestion.

I um…think you should have your pet spayed or neutered. Just because Mr. Barker is in retirement somewhere doesn’t mean that this important and powerful message shouldn’t go out to the masses. If we could just get every 10th blogger to share this rally call, well I think we could make a dent in the Barker vacuum that we’ve experienced these past few months.


  1. Whew, that was close. I am #9 blogger so I am exempt from passing on that message. Not that I don't whole-heartedly agree.
    I know what Bailey's vote is..he barked a full octave higher for a week after his "experience".

  2. Ummm...since I don't actually work over the summer I've noticed Drew Carey still makes the suggestion at the end of each show. Catastrophe avoided!