Monday, August 18, 2008

The Sags Award

Mr. Bob Saget was roasted last night. 

We didn't watch it.  We're having some friends over for dinner and we told them we'd DVR it and watch it together.  I'm pretty sure we'll regret this later.

The roasts tend to get WAY out of control.  (You'll know I really mean something if I make it all caps or add two or three exclamation points to the end.)

Dennis Miller once said that a bank guard in Alaska has to have the toughest job ever.  "You've got 25 people in the bank...everyone is wearing a ski mask..."

I'd argue that roasting the greatest talent to grace stage and screen in our lifetime is a tough gig.

What could you possibly say to him?  "Bob, you're handsome, hilarious and humble...but worked with those coked up twins"  See what I mean?  How could you possibly fault this living legend?

"Bob, I've got an Americas funniest video for you, it's you doing stand up in front of tons of fans and making them laugh because you are indeed America's sweetheart."

We live in a golden era my friends...golden indeed.


  1. My uncles used to work w/Bob in the supermarket in Philly 30 years ago. He kept to himself other than cracking jokes, not too many stories from them. CBB

  2. I saw the promo, knew you'd want me to watch, so Kim and I caught about 2 minutes of this before it got foul. bummer...

  3. cloris leachman was there. she was extremely dirty, but she said one line i really liked:

    "I am glad I got out of sitcoms before you [bob saget] killed them. You didn't really kill them; you raped them and left them for dead."

    her other good line was:

    "Somebody punch me in the face so I can at least see some stars."

    (commenting on how it was a bunch of low-level, barely working comics who showed up).

    Overall, it was dirty (which most of the roasts tend to be anymore... not that they weren't off color before). Norm Macdonald (who I used to love) was uncomfortably bad... not dirty, just really not funny. people laughed to be polite.

  4. There's actually a woman named Cloris? Eek.

  5. Also, in my opinion, CAPS and exclamation points are way overused in our culture!!! It's sort of like the phrase "I love you."

    So if I'm ever comin' at you all like I LOVE YOU!!! then you know I mean it.

  6. Ever seen this: