Friday, August 15, 2008

Hey now you're an All Star

I'm putting together a Hall of Fame.  I know it's nice to be inducted to a Hall of Fame while you're still around, but I think I'll even include people that aren't necessarily alive (like Mother Theresa, Roberto Clemente and Natalie from The Facts of Life).

The baseball All Star team doesn't make sense to me because it's in the middle of the season (and they include designated hitters).  This is the topsy turvey nature of my All Star list - even though I think the baseball All Star team thing is silly...I'm putting together a Hall of Fame mid-season (or mid-life in some cases)
I'm not limiting my H.O.F.  inductees to just one sport or one group.  I know there is already a football hall of fame, golf H.O.F., pro wrestling H.O.F. (The only one Pete Rose made it into) and just about every high school has a hall of fame....but do you know of anyone that's put together a personal hall of fame?
You do now.
What has two thumbs and just created a hall of fame?  This guy...(also the punchline to my favorite Metz family joke) (and sadly I don't have any pictures of  me pointing to my own self with two thumbs...but you get it)
This will be more of an online Hall that you can visit electronically.  I think they would have wanted it that way.
First Induction - My mom.
You do the math, it just makes sense.  She's largely responsible for bringing the creator of the SMMHOF in the first place.  It'd be silly not to put her in.


  1. i told my sister that joke first... but she IS the funny one i guess.

  2. I actually heard if from Kristy the first time...and you were there, so I viewed it as Metz family joke.

    and your sister is funnier than all of us...(it's a word)

  3. You have too much free time on your hands...

  4. I'm pretty sure you HAVE to include Tootie with Natalie. I think they're contracted as some kind of package deal. Could you induct Wilbur without Orville? Or Laurel without Hardy?
    What exactly do you have against Tootie, Sean?

  5. I have a buddy that went out with Tootie on a couple dates when he was in college. I can ask him if you need any kind of character refrences.

  6. remember when george clooney was on facts of life? anyone? anyone?

    did you know that alan thicke wrote the theme song? he also wrote the song for different strokes (makes sense since FOL was a spin off of DS). he didn't write the song for growing pains ironically enough.

  7. Show me that smile again...