Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A flock of seagulls

I ran today.
I had a new gameplan in the gymnasium and it wasn't fun.
At all

A few months ago I went in and "ran" for one minute.  I walked for 19 and ran for 1.  The next day I walked for 18 and ran for 2.  Then 17 & 3...and so on until I hit 30 minutes of "running".  After I was comfortable with my thirty minutes of running (really it was more of a jog or an incredibly fast walk complete with the pumping of my arms and the constant threat of vomit) I started increasing my speed every day.

I also started lifting weights.  The problem with lifting weights is that they're really heavy.

And much like my running goals, I set some lifting goals...and eventually met those.

So I've decided to try something new...and today it began.  I walked, then jogged, then jogged a little faster...and then faster...until I was running the fastest that I have since being chased by the secret police after I wrote that scathing article about flip flops in Pravda.

It was awful.
And tomorrow I'll do it again...and it won't be so bad...or maybe it will...but I'm going to do it on Thursday too.  I've had a little success in the past three months with incremental goal setting, and ultimately I don't want to drift into 2010 wishing I'd be more proactive with my time and health.

I'm not waiting until the end of December to start my resolutions and start living how I want to live.  There's just not enough time to waste another month.


  1. Am I going to bump into Lou Ferrigno next time I walk in the Murphy house?

  2. Aunt Peg7:23 AM

    Change my name to Aunt Proud