Thursday, December 03, 2009

School Picture Day

Getting my picture taken today.  That's kind of an odd one, because they're realy taking nothing from me but my likeness.  Ultimately they'll be giving me a picture and taking nothing from me.  I should say right here and now that my faith doesn't allow for the idea that those magical picture taking machines actually steal your soul.  I don't want to ram my religion down your throat, but that's just what I believe.

Having said that, I really dislike having someone point a camera in my direction and saying, "now really Sean, smile!  Smile for real!  Just smile!"  It's far too many exclamations for something so mundane.
I should also mention that my teeth were bound by metal braces for nine years.  I was well versed in the closed mouth smile, or smirk.  It was through my formative years that this habit began and it's hard to break a habit that was formed while I was being formativedated.
But I was told to wear a dark shirt and smile at 1 o'clock today.  I'd rather live my life on my terms (see young Brad's weblog for insight) and shun the cameras flash and click...but alas, I a man who follows orders...

I'm just hoping I get one of those plastic combs...

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