Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Judge this

They say that you can't judge a book by the cover.

First of all, they should stop telling me what to do.
They often steal balloons from small children and it seems pretty hypocritical of them to go around pronouncing what all of us should and should not do.
They are jerks.

I should also ask them why not?  What if the book is covered in dead baby seal skin?  Should I ask a few questions, or dare I say make a few judgments about the book then? (side note - that's why I'm not so sure about Fuller's book).

My rules of thumb:
Don't buy a book with cartoon pictures on the cover
Don't buy a book if they use the words slacks, oily, dance, sassy or Coulier appear on the cover.

They might call that judgmental, but they are stupid and I just happened to know that they voted to keep Ron Pallilo out of the Sweathogs reunion in 1987.

So why would I listen to them?

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  1. grrrr... I just picked up Sassy!: I Only Oil Up When I Have My Dancing Slacks On by Dave Coulier and N.T. Wright