Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Do as I write

I am struggling to lift my arms up to the keyboard and type this.  I have been lifting the weights for a while now...or so I thought before today.

Today I began an actual program.  Before today I would lift what was, to me, a decent amount of weight...get tired...and then go home.  This morning was different.  Today I followed the advice of a book.  It was like having a personal trainer, only you have to count for yourself...and save $50.  It was also incredibly difficult.  It's interesting what having an expert's opinion will do to something as simple as lifting weights.
So after one day of following this new lifting plan, I'm really hurting.  At the same time, I feel like I now have the knowledge to "train" someone else.  I've read about and now know the program and could take just about anyone through it..and it would work.  Silly, but true.  My internet-touch even has instructional videos on hundreds of if I forget how to do something, I just click a button.  Presto-bamo everybody wins.
About fifteen years ago I was asked to teach a parenting class.  I wasn't a parent and I thought it was a silly idea (teaching the class...not parenting) I did it (the class...and eventually the parenting).  The things I said were true, and I believe people might have even learned a few things from this non-parent.  You can teach people stuff that you're not really doing.
We do it all the time (we being parents, teachers, coaches, pastors, Amway salespeople, you get the point by now talkers).  Sad, but true.  It's easier to teach/write/talk/preach than it is to do.
I've done enough talking, and this morning I did a little doing.  I like the doing's just harder.
(you get the irony of me running home to write this, right?)

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  1. where is your online pool of knowledge?