Monday, December 07, 2009


I had a front row seat in Scott's leadership for dummies class this weekend.
I was the dummy.

Our medium sized group met and helped a lady move her house on Saturday.  We actually just moved all her stuff and left her house where it was.  It was nine steps up and down from her front door to the street - and we moved to a second floor apartment.  I should mention that she took her appliances with her as well.
When we arrived, not much had been done.  Stuff wasn't packed, boxes weren't together...we were basically starting from scratch and it was a bit overwhelming...but then Scott stepped up. 

He took over and it was brilliant.  I was the connection from the lady (who has M.S. and isn't able to lift much) and our group.  I was sort of waiting for her to give us our marching orders, but Scott quickly understood that she wanted us to take over.  And that's just what he did.
Within three hours we'd taken apart cribs, bookshelves and beds.  We'd loaded cars, SUV'S (for those who hate mother Earth) and pickup trucks (for those who love NASCAR).  We took apart a fridge and moved it along with a stove.  Couches & recliners and dressers oh my...

If Scott hadn't taken over, I'm fairly certain that we'd still be there.
It was a pleasure to watch and to follow his thanks doc...


  1. You helped Jana move over the weekend?

  2. really? like i have cribs.

  3. for the record - I'd be happy to help Jana with any moving of appliances or tables.