Friday, December 04, 2009

Birth announcement

My big brother (we'll call him "Brian") turns one day older tomorrow.  He's also officially one month older...and one year older on December the 5th.

So here's my problem.  We purchased for him a magazine subscription to the Excellence in Sports Programing Network.  So what do you give someone on their birthday when all you have is a paid bill?

Here's the other issue - he's in Egypt.(insert 80's music reference here)  It seems a little much to travel to the Middle East...or Africa...or Kentucky for that matter, just to give him a card letting him know he'll soon enjoy 12 months of sports reporting that he could obtain on the world wide web for free...but this way we kill a few trees and give his mailman something else to fill up his mailbox.

Maybe we shouldn't look at it that way.  So I'm thinking that maybe we send him an e-card?

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  1. Aunto Peg10:22 AM

    I kiddingly told him I was going to text him everyday and he responded after a pause, "I really don't want to have to pay for those over there"...

    I just love your "word verifications" it is "butar"
    What the heck kind of word is "butar"??