Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve

Went to the Vineyard Christmas show last night and I'll give you a few of my personal highlights.
-Pre-show meal with friends
-Went with my beautiful wife
-No Murphy pooped their pants
-Brad's intro of Simeon
-Simeon mocking my benign tremor
...and his monologue was pretty solid too
-Watching my kid's two favorite moments
     a.  when they lifted the swing back into the ceiling
     b.  their bedspread on the stage
-Seeing local weblog friends Rebel Pilgrim, Bshaw, driving, j-money, fuller, lawgirl, dwork, my gal, and also that one blog that I love but don't have room to mention here.
-The opening cartoon
-Seeing my friends be awesome
-Cooper picking up piles of spent streamers, throwing them up into the air and proclaiming, "It's a trash miracle!"
-I believe there are still some seats available tonight and tomorrow night..I'm just saying...


  1. Coop's the man.

    Is VCC going to stream the show at all?

  2. I'm not sure. I do know that Coop is going to do a five minute set at the improv next week. He's trying out some new material about airline food.