Monday, November 30, 2009


Thanksgiving came and went without one person saying, "I think we should all go around the room and tell everyone what they're most thankful for"
...and for that, I am thankful

I don't need a national holiday sponsored by Butterball to tell me what to do.
They can't hold me down to their oppresive rules of how I should live my life.
Having said that - today is Cyber Monday and I'll take this national holiday as my opportunity to express my gratitude towards:
-JR for frying a turkey on my front lawn
-Jimmy, for not making me call him JR
-The Steg-fam for making my personal favorite foot item of the holidays, while simulataneously making our entire medium sized group a Christmas compact disc with my personal favorite Christmas/Kwanza/Hanukkah song (hint: think BNL & Sarah McGlaughlin)
-The Elders for burying the Youngsters by a score of 35-28 in backyard football
-Prescriptive medicine for keeping the Boyd family alive
-Mr. Bob Saget
-Annie for being awesome, beautiful, funny & an above average speller
-Isaac, mostly for his storytelling and life experiences that play out well with his telling of stories
-Scott D and his frantic football hijinks

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  1. Next up, Christmas... and then everyone's favorite holiday...

    Valentime's Day.