Tuesday, November 03, 2009


I'm wondering how much power goes into a typical blow dryer.  You've probably asked yourself that very same question thousands of times.
Not a day goes by without someone asking the President in a press conference that question.  It's the first thing most children ask Santa Clause.  You'll never see a time capsule unearthed that doesn't contain that request...

O.K., I've clearly laid out the case that we're all wondering about this.

Here's what I know.
1.  If you want to have the lights go out, you can:
      a.  flip off the switch
      b.  run your hair dryer while anything else in your house, or your neighbor's house, is on

It just seems like they blow more circuits than the Goo Goo Dolls (notorious for their circuit destruction)

I recently used the hand dryer unit at a local restroom.  I did what you're supposed to.  I carefully read the instructions:
In order to dry your hands most efficiently, please use the
following procedure:
• shake off excess water over the wash basin
• place hands underneath the unit at a distance of 4" - 7"
• rub your hands together as if you were washing them
Your hands will be dry within 25 - 35 seconds.

They went on to say that this was good for the environment and was "more hygienic".  So my question is really this simple.
-Is it good for the environment to have these inefficient blowers killing the electric bill and blowing Germy McGerm's nastiness into the air?  Shouldn't the last instruction be to then wipe your hands on your pants? (am I the only one who ends up doing this?)


  1. Aunt Peg7:52 AM

    I dry them on my dress..or petticoat.

  2. its all about the pockets

  3. Did you recycle this post to be ironic since it was about energy efficiency?
    I generally pretend I know the first two people I see when I leave the restroom and give them the "Hey Buddy" hand on the shoulder. I find that dries my hands effectively and they get to play the "what the heck is that guys name?" game for the rest of the day and wonder how it is they have no recollection of meeting someone if they have such a memorably strange face.
    I used to hug the first person I met coming out of the restroom and wipe my hands on their back but lets just say that got a little risky. I found there are three types of people in the world. Those who just shrug and continue their cell phone conversation. Those who consider a hug the "gateway drug" to immediate intimacy. And those who consider it to be the legal definition of "assault".

  4. Hence my Terry Trouser invention, Sean. They are towel-front pants. Terrycloth for extra absorbency. (patent pending)

  5. Anonymous2:52 PM

    we should all just have towels hanging from our belts like quarterbacks on rainy days....

  6. have you experienced super Sheetz hand dryers? that jet engine will have em dry in 2 seconds flat, if you still have skin.