Thursday, November 12, 2009

So you think you can Canasta?

It seems like on some level the television networks have stopped trying.  I say that they jumped the shark when Arthur Fonzarelli attempted to ski jump  over a shark cage.
There are far too many shows with the word "dance" in them and far too few with the star "Saget" in them.
Those are just the facts.  It's simple math.
Having said that, I'm always curious about how they come up with the titles.  There was this awful show that made people feel superior, called Extreme Makeovers, a few years ago.  It was all about taking men and women, replacing their various body parts with new ones...and suctioning out their fat and dignity.  At the same time, the network decided to do a similar show with house cosmetic surgery.  They were very different shows, but for some reason they gave them similar names.  I guess they figured it was sort of a cross promotional thing.  Now we have a show that makes people cry, and a cancelled show that no one remembers.

So you think you should dance has always seemed like an aggressive title.  It's odd to see such an in your face title on a show that revolves around people waving their hands in front of their faces and crying when they get a ticket to Las Vegas.

So you think you can cross-stitch?
So you think you can hopscotch?
So you think you can juggle?
So you think you can do a spot on Yoko Ono impersonation?

I'd watch two of those...

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