Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I haven't seen anything with "gate" on the end of it for awhile, so I thought I'd get one going.

Here is what I voted for yesterday:
A bunch of people I've never met and don't know much about.
A vote against casinos (can that be good for a society?  the working poor?  the working rich?  the unworking people who used to be rich, but then lost everything in a tragic boating accident?)
I guessed on a few other issues.
I walked out of there with a sweet sticker and a business card.

This is what I didn't vote on, but would have liked to:
1.  A law against toys that are packed in containers that can only be opened with wire cutters and a blow torch.

2.  A law against us spending money on stickerss just so people can either brag about their pulling a lever or shame others into voting for whomever PDiddy is telling them to vote for.

3.  A law against spending money on business cards to hand out to people who will throw them into their trash can, shredder, recycling receptical, or on the ground.

4.  A law calling for Mr. Bob Saget to finally get honored with a lifetime achievement award from the Academy of Motion Pictures and Broadcasting.

5.  A law protecting the children.  Who votes against that?  Do you hate kids?  What kind of monster are you?

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  1. I voted for Nader.
    Wait. Was he running? What year is it? Whoa? Where am I? Whose clothes are these?!