Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Individual Retirement Account?

If I went on a rampage and started knocking over mailboxes in my neighborhood, I'd hate for people to assume that it was an IRA thing because my name is awesome...and Irish.

If I started blowing up mailboxes and yelling slander at the likes of B.P & Oasis...maybe you're looking at a hate crime.  If I'm leaving notes about Ireland gaining back it's freedom, you could logically assume that I'm making some sort of statement.

Maybe you shouldn't assume it's an IRA thing if you see me leaving a bag of flaming poo on Brad's porch.  It's probably just me getting back at him for the off-handed remark he made about my socks (I have feelings Brad!).  Also, if you see me calling Jarnsie and asking him if his fridge is running...that's just because I'm hilarious and I miss the Jerky boys.  It's not an Irish thing.  I just happen to be Irish...and sure, I love potatoes...but don't think we all do.


  1. I could not agree with you more, and had this exact conversation with a family member this weekend - except I didn't give any of the examples you gave above. But my argument was just as compelling.

  2. Please tell me that you have Murphy relatives from the booming metropolis called Middletown. My mom's family are all Murphys. And I would love to be related to you and your socks! Take that, Wise!