Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Doctor is on the Table

A friend of mine came up with the idea of a series of tubes that would traverse a breakfast restaurant.  You would then have unfettered access to delicious coffee right at your table.

I'd forgotten about this genius idea until today, while listening to a podcast...someone submitted the idea that individual tables should have fountain machines.

What's not great about that?

You can't think of anything, right?

O.K. maybe you like to shoot holes in even the greatest of ideas.
-What about the cost Sean?
  it cost about 2 cents to fill up a glass of delicious Diet Dr. Pepper...and they'll be lining up to sit at a table with a truly bottomless glass of that treat. just seems like you're trying to take jobs from poor waiters and waitresses.
nope, we just made their job easier.

Now I just need one of you entrapaneurial types to take this and run with it.
If you can get Chipotle on board, that'd be a bonus...


  1. While we're at it we could plumb lines into the bathroom stalls just in case that cup goes empty while you are out of arms reach of a refill. Oh! Wait! Soda toilets and urinals.

    I'll start working on raising the capital for our new high-end, soda-chic restaurant Obesia. We can come out with a book about the experience and claim to start our own religion; "Diabetics".

    Phew. Speaking of refills, I think I need to stop at one monster cup of coffee from now on. Or maybe you could block me from commenting on your blog for my own good.

  2. if high school kids, or any kids for that matter, weren't allowed in restaurants, it'd be a grand idea.

    otherwise it's another Vietnam.

  3. what's wrong with Vietnam Daniel? It's really a quite beautiful country my friend...