Thursday, June 25, 2009

Strikethrough #1

Annie's mom is in town.  In fact, we have one relative and two friends who will be staying with us for the next four days.  This is not to say that Annie's mom isn't our friend, it's just that she is our relative and our friend.  Typically you'd describe your mom as your mom before you'd call her your friend, right?
If you said, "This is my friend Hillary" to someone...and they later found out that Hillary was your mom - well they'd think that was a weird introduction.
Bottom line - we have three people we love staying at the Murphy chateau through the weekend.
Side note:  Blood is thicker than water...but what does that have to do with anything?  Does anyone out there  really rates their relationships on liquids?

So I get to work with some friends all day and into the evening...and then come home to friends...and then have breakfast with friends...and then yell at some friends for not closing the fridge all the way. (did I mention our oven caught on fire and it'll be hard to feed the previously mentioned friends?)
All this will be topped off by more friends coming over for our celebratory post FPU dinner on Sunday evening.  Should be a full fun weekend..
(side note - this marks the first use of my doing that line through the word thingy)


  1. so i'm reading this and trying to figure out why you have a pic of michael w smith. and then it hits me...the infamous 'friends are friends forever' song.

  2. your dinner menu should be Ramsey-approved to keep in step with what you've learned.
    I gotta do that next go 'round. (missed the June 1 start)