Thursday, June 18, 2009

50 state

I know the kids at the Music Television don't want us to be patriotic, but I've decided to do my part.  I'd like to serve my country.

Dear Congressman Boehner,
   Can I call you John?  I'd like to throw something out there that I think 83% of Americans would agree with me on.  I think we ought to give up on Hawaii.  It's beautiful, but so is Australia and neither of them are attached to us.  Before you get all, "But what about our fifty states!?!  We'll have to change our flag!!"  I've got that fixed as well.

We make Michigan two states.  Who are we kidding anyways?  It's two states already.  We can come up with a corporate sponsor to pay for that goofy looking upper Peninsula.  You take the new land "Lego Land" or "istate" and you've just paid for all the school computers...or just depends on who you've got.

Bottom line - you still have fifty states and everybody is happy.  You'll need a passport to go to Hawaii, but doesn't that just make it more mysterious and exotic?  Sure, we'll lose out on all those awesome things that we can claim as American that are from the um...Spam?  Is Spam from there?  I know they love it there (put that down as unAmerican from now on).


  1. "Can I call you John?"
    you're funny murph.

  2. have you ever met someone from the U.P.?

    how 'bout we keep Hawaii and sell the UP to Canada? (i hear the looney is strong these days)