Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm just throwing this out there

A few friends were talking and somehow the topic of Farrah Fawcet came up (Heaven just stole one of Charlie's Angels).   It was pointed out that for about 20 minutes her passing was the top news story everywhere...and then things quickly shifted towards the king of popular music.
So here's the question - Who would have to pass next that would bump Michael from the headlines?
If you and Farrah went to H.S., I assure you I'm not trying to belittle her battle with cancer.  I'm just pointing out that it went from a big story to almost no story at all once we heard about the youngest member of the Jackson 5.
So who would create more of a stir thank M.J. in the event of their untimely passing? 
I thought I came up with the most logical answer when I came up with Oprah.  There was some talk of the international popularity of Oprah vs. Michael.  To those who doubt Oprah's popularity, well...a pox on you dear sir...a pox...


  1. his name came up...but who really got him elected?

  2. a fiery crash when the Hoff goes on "one last joyride with Kit" to celebrate some kind of hall of fame induction. the irony would be overwhelming.

  3. my first thought was obama,too. then oprah came to mind. after reading the others, they all make sense.

    and if hasselhoff were to bite the bullet sharing a fiery demise with kit, well, that would be way too much to handle.

  4. Muhammad Ali is apparently still the most recognized athlete in the world. He might be able to knock the King of Pop off the radar.

  5. Anonymous8:45 AM

    MJ - Michael Jordan