Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I'd like to create something today.  I'm thinking that today would be a solid day to get an acronym going.  I'm finding that I rarely use them whilst text messaging or sending my electronic mail out onto the ethernet.

I tend to do the opposite.  Well, not today. Today I will strive to cut down on the verbal and written clutter.

O.K, that's not true at all.  Today I will strive to invent, or at least point out, an acronym that will one day be uttered by one of those punk kids on the Hills.  I like L..O.T.I. (laughing on the inside, but I'm guessing that's been around?)  Oh to dream...

I'm thinking that all I really have to do is take a common expression and shorten it.  So here are a few of the common things I think most of us hear on a daily basis:

Have a nice day!
Don't go there!
Well kiss my grits!
I'd buy that for a dollar
Did Fuller really say that?

I just need to come up with one for the ages...and that's what I'll be thinking about at my 9:30 meeting...

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