Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Hall of Blog

On the food network (what?!  A network revolving around food?  What's next? A network revolving around music videos?)  I heard this exact quote, "Hall of Fame Sugar Artist..."

There is a Hall of Fame for people who make art out of sugar?

First of all, if Toucan Sam isn't in the Hall...I call for a recount.
I'm wondering if the place is lousy with ants?

Anyhow, if they have a Hall for Sugar Van Gogh's, I'm putting together the Blog Hall of Fame.

My first nominee?  I'm leaning towards Seth Godin's Blog.

It's the only blog I read every day that's written by someone I've never met.

It's the only blog I read that revolves around a topic I'm not all that interested in (marketing)

It's always well written.  It's never crazy long.  It's brilliant.  It's funny.  It's Saget-like.

Most Hall of Fames open with five new inductees.  I'm still debating my other four...
(those weblogs over on the right are definitely worth checking out)


  1. I couldn't agree more. I owe my love for godin to you.

  2. Me also with the agreeing. Not sure I have ever read someone who makes such brilliant points with so few words.

  3. Fuller,
    ever heard of "Grads"?

  4. The hit new television show from FullMurph Productions?