Wednesday, June 24, 2009

+ or -

I'm the humble owner of an Apple itouch.  It was given to me by my lovely bride and I'm just starting to play with it.

I've put together a short list of positives and negatives for you.  I'm not promising that I'll review an overpriced electronic item every Wednesday, but I've gotta turn this day into something bigger than hump day somehow.

Positives                                                       Negatives

It's pretty cool looking                                    The Price

I can download an application that                  I constantly worry 
let's me shoot fake paper balls at                    about it breaking
a fake trashcan

it will hold more songs that have ever              It's one more thing to
been performed, recorded or written               carry in my pocket

one more way to stick it to Bill Gates              I really have no idea
                                                                     how to make it work

It's very cool                                                 I'm still not
Overall, for my review,  I'd give it a - The Aristocrats, on the Sags scale.

you're welcome...

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