Thursday, June 11, 2009


I ran out to the store this morning...very early.  Silly early. 
Anyhow, I bought $122 worth of stuff for a little more than $12.
This was all stuff that we will use.  It was just a triple coupon day at the local I bought a bunch of stuff we needed.  I have a friend that always wants to see my receipt when I tell him about saving a crazy amount of here it is for all to see.

This was all I could fit onto the scanner.  The great thing about this deal at Biggs (besides saving 91%) was that they're now going to give me $.49 per gallon off my next fill up.  That's ten more dollars we'll save when we gas up the miniature van...


  1. I want to see the WHOLE receipt. Do NOT throw it out!

  2. Auntie Peg9:48 PM

    Can I hire you to shop for us?

    Maybe you can write a book about saving money w/coupons and be a guest on Oprah...I KNOW you would like that! You could drive to Chicago cheaply since you can gas up at 1977 prices.

  3. who pays with a fifty? I havent seen a fifty in 2-3 years.

  4. Just...A Guy9:48 AM

    Great googly moogly!!! That is a fine deal, a fine fine deal. As for the $50.00 comment. Who pays with cash, and how do you have cash. I though we were back to trading beads and spices in the US. Must be nice to farm carrots these days.

  5. I like to go old school with the Dave Ramsey told me he'd punch me in the throat if I didn't

  6. please teach me in the way of the coupon jedi master.

  7. Just.. A Guy11:15 AM

    Yep, the old throat punch. That will keep you straight. I shall forge a journey to this "BIGGS" you speak of and I shall plunder the shelves and reap the rewards of triple coupons!!!

  8. i am so not this advanced yet. i need you to teach me! im going crazy over $49.55. how do you do it???