Friday, June 12, 2009

Red is the new spring

50 is the new 40.  Huh?  Isn't 50 years still 50 years?  Pink is the new black.  Check the paint stick, they really don't look alike.
I hear every once in a while that some city is 10 or 15 years ahead of Cincinnati.  I always want to call those cities and find out the ending to Lost. 
I'm just not sure that in this age of instant news and pop culture, that any city is really that far "ahead" of any other city.  You could argue that their buildings are newer...but does that mean they're ahead?
Five minutes after TMZ catches Paris wearing the latest plaid fedora, you can find young Bradley wearing the exact same Fedora here in the 'burbs of Cincinnati.  In Seattle they find out the winner of the Super Bowl at the exact same time that we do....we're just not as wet when we see it. 
Is it just a cultural thing? 
If our collective math I.Q. was higher than theirs, would that mean we're decades ahead of them?  If we were creating more medicine, curing more disease or feeding more hungry...does that mean we're 15 years ahead of them? it just about what phone you carry?  what shirt you wear?  or what curled up shoes you walk in?


  1. YEAH! Nothing clever. I just agree.

  2. get some good pics, Sean, next time Brad dons what Paris is wearing. that's a gotta see.