Friday, June 19, 2009

Hold 'em

Lately, I've beem playing online (free) poker on a site that has players from all over the world (even Canada).  It's 7:57 A.M. and there are 185,935 players in a hand right now.  On this site they give you $3,000 in chips and you  play just like you'd normally play Texas Hold 'Em.
Here's the thing.  I'm up to $118,113.  I'm not saying I'm a great poker player.  I'm implying it.
If this was real money, I'd be making roughly $118,113 a month playing poker.  That's nearly double what I'm currently making per month.  It seems like this is really something I should pursue.
What could possibly go wrong?
It's easy to go for broke and to throw all in when it's fake money.  It's like wearing a cause t-shirt for something you really believe in...on paper.  I have no skin in the game.  I haven't really invested anything.  I'm an outside spectator at best.
And that's often how my faith feels.  I have strong opinions, ideas or arguments...but unless I'm throwing all in with something that really counts...I might as well be playing fake online poker.
It is pretty fun though...

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  1. Aunt Peg9:55 AM

    Well, I guess you are allowed to do anything you like on your FORTY-ITH Natal Day!!
    Wow, 40 years ago today your Mom was giving birth to little Sean Michael (and making idle threats to your Father about "don't even THINK about coming near me in the next decade!)...and brother Brian was hoping for his parents to bring home a turtle or a pony from the hospital.

    I, personally, was glad they brought YOU home instead.
    Happy Birthday!