Tuesday, June 30, 2009

life is poker?

I've been watching poker and also playing this online facebook poker for a few weeks now and I'm just going to say a few things I'm learning about this game.
#1 - it's a game.  On the television set I keep hearing poker "pro's" talk about their "sport" and poker is a sport like Elvis was a blackbelt.  Just saying it doesn't necessarily mean it is so.
#2 - Apparently there is a lot of luck involved.
#3 - Apparently the people who know what they're doing will win more than the people who don't (don't discount #2 though)
#4 - Two fours is sailboats (who knew?)
#5 -  People will fold to you if you can do cool things with your chips.
Stuff I'm still confused by:
#1 - How do you become a poker pro?  In baseball that just means you're getting paid to do it.  If you win a big pot...or small pot for that matter, does that make you a pro?  Is it just the guys with the bad shirts and hats with iron on dot com patches that are pros?
#2 - Why is a pair of 3's called  "crabs"?
#3 - Why doesn't anyone let me back in a hand after I've folded and some good cards turn up?

In poker the people who seem to do well
-know what they are doing
-take risks
-lose a lot, but keep playing
Life is a lot like poker.  Way more than a box of chocolates.  It's not even close...

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  1. Dude, Elvis' black belt was totally legit. Don't be a hater.